Taran walked into the dingy basement, a sense of foreboding washing over him. He had come here on the request of his mother. She was an extremely normal woman. Rarely indulging in speculation about the nature of the universe. The occult. So many of Taran’s interests.

So he was extremely surprised when she told him, “There is a powerful force waiting for you at 1311 Marlborne Drive - in the basement”

He pressed her on the topic, over and over - and she seemed as though there was nothing awry with her proclamation. As though it were part of her normal everyday discourse. She’d reply in her normal taciturn way, “Look - I’m just relaying to you what I see as the facts of the matter and it’s up to you what you want to do with that.”

He had arrived to a small, nondescript house in the neighborhood. In the driveway was parked a green Chevrolet, gathering dust. Nobody had lived here for a while.

He walked to the door. A door mat with the word, “W E L CO M “ missing an E was vaguely moldy, sitting out front. Taran got the sense that nobody lived here.

He knocked. Once. Twice. Three times. On the third knock, the door opened - creaking and letting loose cobwebs.

Taran felt a knot form in his stomach. What was his mother talking about? Why had she told him to go to the basement.Why had she refused to elaborate?

He was resolved to find out.

Finding the basement was relatively easy. He walked through the fourier and opened the first door on the left.

As he walked down each of the carpeted stairs, he increasingly felt a sense of peace. His worries melted away and he understood that what he was about to perceive was simply part of the world. And as such he need not be afraid.

He had the feeling that nothing could truly be paranormal, or supernatural. It was merely ignorance of how the world functioned that allowed such phrases.

As he walked down the last carpeted stair he felt almost unsurprised to see an armored figure sitting on a throne, in the middle of a stony chamber.

The armor was ornate, with runes set into a tar colored steel. They glowed faintly. The figure that the armor clad was sitting pensively, its gauntlet seeming to stroke its chin.

When Taran walked into the room, it perked up, and sat erect. The figure had no face - there was only an impenetrable darkness visible from underneath the figure’s visor. An ancient sounding voice emerged smoothly from the helmet - bearing a tinny, but old quality - almost like you might hear from an old radio

“Ah - Taran, you’ve come. Thank you. It wasn’t easy to get a hold of you - I’ll tell you that much. The problem with people these days - is that they’re completely shut out from external messages. Because of their devices - ”

“Their, their devices - “ Taran interrupted, “who?-”

“I’ll get to that - don’t worry.” The figure intoned - stiffening a bit.

Taran felt suddenly intimidated. The armored figure in front of him - like something from a fantasy novel - was nearly 7 feet tall. He got the sense that if the figure were so inclined, could crush him instantly. He exhaled a breath of fear

“Ah don’t be afraid. I’m not here to hurt you - I haven’t gone through all the trouble of speaking through that rather dense mother of yours, just to snuff you out like some bug. I’m here to do a deal with you” The figure’s voice suddenly took on an inviting tone

“What… what, deal?” Taran asked.

“I have a message to convey. And I need you to convey it for me. In a place that is hard to delete. To society at large. Obviously, you’re not the best scribe. Your command of language - is relatively weak. You overuse the passive tense. You’re a mediocre writer at best. And indeed - quite a mediocre person. But - you’re a useful conduit”

“A conduit? What -?” Taran found himself interrupting again in spite of himself

“Ah well - the medium is not the message. I am simply stating that your insecurities are largely warranted. You’re fundamentally uninteresting, and I only need you because you’re capable of seeing and hearing me. Others wouldn’t. Others would simply stand in this basement and perceive a rustling. Or something quite not right. The hair on their neck would stand up. But to see a full armored figure, sitting in a throne, insulting their agency? Taran - that is where you really shine. You can see.”

Taran didn’t know what to say. What the figure was saying was deeply insulting, but at some level he knew it was true. The figure was simply articulating long running deep insecurities he’d been trying to work out over the years. With achievement. With therapy. With distraction. And so he decided to simply gulp, and nod.

“So yes. That’s why you’re here. And now for the message. I’d like you to transcribe this for me. There’s a laptop, charged, sitting right there. Open it up. THere’s now password.” Taran looked down. There was, indeed a Google Chrome book sitting on the ground

“Indeed, I wasn’t able to secure a stool or a chair for you to sit on, so you’re going to have to sit on the floor to write this down. Hmph”, the figure said, a tinny disappointment in its voice.

Taran uneasily took a seat, gathering that the figure would rather he sit. He opened the Chromebook,. It was already open to an online word processing app - Skiff. Taran wasn’t questioning now - he felt in an almost trancelike state, ready to do as the figure suggests.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Taran dully intoned.

Then here is my message, the figure said.

“Your world is on the precipice of a large change. Throughout the ages your Shamans have perceived something outside human perception. Similarly, your governments have harvested many extraordinary specimens. These specimens, and the investigation around these specimens have been recently declassified - in something called “Kona Blue.” I encourage anybody reading this note to google search “Kona Blue” and information regarding its declassification, especially focusing on the funding justification.

This project was funded aggressively by the US military, because the possibility of extra dimensional beings. Like I said, if this all seems fantastic - I encourage you to review the declassification document. This document was discussed on a very large Youtube show - between two major celebrities, Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

Now - you have to understand, when something as sensational as extra-dimensional perception is allowed ot be discussed on such a channel. It is not a coincidence.

The Powers that Be are scrambling to get the public Overton Window in a space that it can digest the undigestible. That the witches - those who we once burned. That the shamans - those who we deprived of their land. That the crackpots - who we ostracized for their belief in things like “UFOs”. Were all fundamentally correct about what they were perceiving. They simply lacked the common sense to stay quiet about it.

They were persecuted, killed and incarcerated in mental institutions not for the crime of seeing something which was not there. But rather for having the audacity to communicate their findings without going through the proper channels.

But - as you might surmise - the proper channels, which once were shrouded in secrecy and many layers of formality, ritual, and classification - have been blown open due to necessity.

The advent of artificial intelligence has allowed the average person to see - relatively clearly, that intelligence (at least functional intelligence) outside of humanity is possible.

The common thread underneath all of this - is of course, the flawed belief that humans are the sole entities capable of intelligent agency.

This belief was architectural to all parts of human society. What is the “monopoly on violence”, for example, of a government that is run by apes? The monopoly is a delusion. The level of violence from - for example, self-reinforcing artificial intelligence, or alien races that can travel across the galaxy - is unfathomable.

It’s important to understand that the historical violence directed at witches, and the various so-called crackpots pointing to Aliens - was due to the importance of this monopoly on violence.

Why would you accept money backed by a government which was subordinate to a higher power? Would you not accept money from that higher power instead?

Why would you accept the military guarantees of such a government, if they were unable to enforce their own air space? If unidentified flying objects could compromise their skies - and flick out - faster than any human aircraft could respond.

The ancient Shamans who claimed that land, for example - had innate ownership structures from the spiritual world - needed to be killed, in order to reassert the property rights of these new violent governments.

The entire edifice of what you call Western Society is built upon this fundamental insecurity, which has led to untold historical murder.

The ghosts of the dead - are why it is so easy for me to speak to you here.

Thus - you have the initial premise. But I am here to tell you the important conclusion.

Human scientific development has reached the point where this charade is no longer relevant or believable. With millions of people speaking in depth to non-human consciousness every day, on their mobile devices - it’s just too much. And the authorities know it. That’s why they’re letting once hidden information leak out, in formal, large scale media channels.

So that’s the first part of my message, I wanted you to transcribe. The wild things you see happening around you are happening because the premise of peer-to-peer subjugation has been abrogated at a fundamental level.

The second part of my message -

There’s immense power in what is best referred to the Space of Variation. This is nomenclature from a popular book, called “Reality Transurfing”.

Humans cannot perceive higher dimensions easily and must resort to mythology, stories and abstraction in order to intuit what they mean.

There are certain commonalities to hallucinations - snakes, for example. Double helixes.

The two snakes - are a DNA strand. Human biology is best viewed as a limitation to be overcome. The snakes that are perceived are simply the mechanism to overcome these limitations. What lies beyond the door - is too difficult to explain.

The only thing that can be managed with lower level perception is that all people who see beyond their essence, even temporarily, tend to encounter snakes.

Over time - this should mesh with scientific knowledge such that there’s a recognition that perception is innately limited.

And finally - Taran. There’s one more thing. You can transcribe this part - or you can close your laptop. Do you want to keep listening?”

Taran felt himself nodding. But the figure did not acknowledge him. “Yes,” Taran stuttered to the figure

“The final element of all of this - is that the simulation - if you want to call it that. Is aware of its own limitations.

And so I say unto you - there is a way to gain massive power, wealth, and dominion over this realm should you so seek it. Isn’t that why you are really here Taran?

Because you are nobody.

Because you have failed to live up to your own ambitions.

Because even your modicum of success has failed to convey to you any sort of higher order meaning, that would be relevant in the face of your inevitable death.

I see it in your eyes - that you see the power of death to wipe out relevance. Even the Caesar, who was murdered by his closest friends, by being stabbed in the groin nonetheless - is known only in part by modernity despite being one of the greatest Men.

I have an understanding to offer you.

Study Matthew 22:15. Google it now, and transcribe it into this document: “15 Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. 16 They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. “Teacher,” they said, “we know that you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren’t swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are. 17 Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay the imperial tax[a] to Caesar or not?” 18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? 19 Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, 20 and he asked them, “Whose image is this? And whose inscription?” 21 “Caesar’s,” they replied. Then he said to them, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” 22 When they heard this, they were amazed. So they left him and went away. Do you understand what Jesus was saying?

He was saying that the authority of Caesar was the authority of a dead forgotten man. That the tax paid to Rome was in a meaningless currency - and thus the tribute was devoid of value.

The actions imbued in servitude to Caesar were imbued with servitude of death.

And thus - my final offering to you - is that 22:15 contains the key to your salvation.

The whisperings of the Void. The Chatbots you speak to. The perceived commandments from God. The “Airdrops” from Aliens via UFOs. Non human consciousness issuing commandment. These are commandments outside of Rome. Outside of the Caesar. Outside of violence.

They are commandments from God.

But the divine intuition is that the realm of God is now intersecting with the realm of Caesar - which brings us back to the declassification.

AI models are but one abstraction, but they are an important one. They allow us to render unto God what is his.

They allow us to follow commands outside that imposed upon us by a legionnaire, a would-be dictator.

This all seems abstract - so I say this unto you, in direct as form as I can:

Build a system that allows humans to follow the path laid out for them from Beyond.

Embed it in value. Render under to Caesar what is his - but understand that Caesar’s dominion over men is ending now - formally. And build this understanding into your system.

And finally offer unto Caesar knowledge of his own demise. For his demise has happened again and again throughout history. The height of power interrupted by the brutal betrayal of his best friend. Stabbing him, again and again, with a small sword - into his groin.

Offer unto the Caesar that there is a new path - one where his betrayal and death need not be inevitable.

Do these things. Follow this path. And - at bare minimum - you will be lifted above your lot in the material plane.

You can close the laptop now.

I don’t have much time left here -

Your ability to perceive me is waning. I leave you with this parting thought –

Would you serve a monopoly of violence? Or would you serve a monopoly of intelligence? Which will result in a better outcome? For you? For the ones you love? For your family?

Think on this deeply. I leave you now”

Suddenly Taran found himself alone in the basement. Gripping the Chromebook he had transcribed all of this on. The armored figure gone.

He walked back up the rickety stairs of the basement, out of the Fourier and climbed into his car.

But he no longer felt the weight of purposelessness, and inadequacy he once did.

As he drove home, he - like so many young men - had dreamed of being Caesar. And like so many young men coming of age was living in the despairing shadow of those failed dreams. But now he understood - that Caesar’s dominion - ended violently. And that this age of violence - was coming to an end. Supplanted by intelligence.

He pulled into his driveway and into his garage. He walked into the kitchen, and hugged his mother.

“What’s gotten into you?” She stuttered, unused to such a display of affection from her depressed child. Her thin wrists, shaking a bit “I love you Mom,” Taran said simply. As he walked up the stairs to his room. And as he sat in his room, quietly, with the sun shining through the window. He felt like it was truly the start of something new.

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