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Value of $100 Risk Weighted in Stocks vs Bonds Gold Commodities Dollar Bitcoin
The above values assume continual reinvestment to reach a 1% daily standard deviation based on an asset's 3 month volatility.

Correlation Coefficients
Correlation coefficients are averages over 3 month and 1 year of price action

Top Moves Globally
Z scores are volatility normalized moves. 30, 90, and 365 represent a number of days. A score of -4.4 for Z30 would mean an asset has dropped a lot over 30 days. The total score is the average of 30,90 and 365 day z scores

Top Moves in Europe

Top Moves in Asia
Top Moves in Americas
G10 Key Stats
Sov, Eq, R8 and EPS are z scores EY : Earnings Yield of Equity Index 5Y: 5 Year Sovereign Spread ERP: Equity Risk Premium (Earnings Yield - 5Y Sovereign) REVG: Expected Revenue Growth of Equity Index

EM Stats
Above are Z scores of movements

G10 Signals
Signals are z scores. A Z score of +3 would be a strong buy. A strong signal would imply an FX cross has strong interest rate, equity, economic and valuation support. PPP stands for purchase power parity. Vol refers to the 3 month at the the money implied volatility of the FX pair. Please consult relevant disclaimer page. Not advice

Macro Signals
Signals are scores from -100 to +100 where +100 is a strong buy. Please consult relevant disclaimer page. Not advice