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A brief overview of Alex Good’s trading is as follows.

Alex Good runs two portfolios. First - a Flagship Portfolio which contains longer term, discretionary ideas. The Flagship Portfolio primarily focuses on long hold time trade ideas primarily in volatile stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. Second, a Tactical Portfolio which uses quantitative signals to harvest market alpha, primarily trading equities and cryptocurrencies intraday. Tweets in the GoodAlexander account accurately reflect the holdings of the Flagship Portfolio but do not reflect the Tactical Portfolio.

Internal processes have been put in place to ensure the Tactical Portfolio does not trade ahead of the Flagship Portfolio or take positions counter to its recommendations. This being said, it is fair to assume that the positions represented on this Twitter account do not represent a full % of my net investment portfolio. When % positions are alluded to and trade sizes disclosed, these statistics are only pertinent to the Flagship Portfolio.

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